7 Chakra Tree Of Life Magical and Powerful Pendant for Reiki and Chakra balance

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Chakra is the incredible energy of the universe that is found within each of us. In order to attain and use such energy, one must learn to open each of the 7 Chakra inhibitors located within the body and mind. 

Supercharge Your Spiritual Powers Through Ancient Tree Of Life Energies. Tap into its ancient power centers and their amazing energies to gain astounding blessings known since biblical times.

Hand made with loving care. Chakra balanced, energy enhanced and personally blessed by the artist

  • Designed to balance the seven chakras, our handcrafted Chakra tree pendant collection brings harmony and balance to the body and spirit. Each chakra pendant corresponds the seven chakras with colorful beads, this multiple piece beaded chakra tree pendant promotes healing and vitality.
  • Size (Approx) - Total Length: 45cm / 17.7 inches                                                                  
  • The semi-precious stone beads are hand selected piece by piece to ensure a high quality piece of jewelry. They are polished smooth and handmade by our skilled jewelers and the stretch cord makes it neat and easy to wear. 
  • Feel the energy of your chakras as this pendant helps them restore to balance while wearing it.


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  • Item Condition: Brand New
  • Great for Gifts for Your Friends and Loved ones!
  • Color: As pictured. The color may vary slightly due to the color calibration of each individual monitor.
  • Size - Total Length: 45cm / 17.7 inches; Diameter 5cm / 2 inches.
  • Usage: Chakra clearing, Reiki healing, Decorative, Gift Set
  • Unisex   

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