Moon Bowl Tibetan singing bowl Hand Hammered for Chakra and Meditation

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Here is your once-in-a-lifetime chance to own this specific individual Tibetan singing bowl.  Handmade in the light of a full moon, Moon Bowl features gorgeous hand carved details including a Tibetan compassion mantra.

This Moon Bowl rings at a G note, 440Hz, when struck with a woolen mallet.  This note resonates with the Throat Chakra.  When the Throat Chakra is balanced, it allows for free communication, helping us to feel centered and happy.  It also helps us to connect with our higher guidance during meditation.

The bowl produces rich harmonics and soothing sound that you can feel resonate through your whole body.. 

It produce energetic and vibrating sounds which provided stress free relaxation. 
These singing bowls has been used for meditation, music, relaxation, personal well being, healing energy and chakra opening etc. for generations.

They are used for chakra opening and balancing, crystal cleansing, spiritual healing etc

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